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Our Roots

JUICE CAFE is a NATURAL based and family owned business located in the heart of Statesboro, GA. In a cafe and juice bar environment, we offer a wide range of Organic Fresh-Pressed Juices, Smoothies, Salads, Toast, Oatmeal and tasty treats to entice all palates.

Our Story


It all started when...

Keyron and Williatte Cooper met in the Army. They have been married since 2011. They have two lovely daughters.  The vision of the Juice Café came during the pregnancy of their second child. Health issues arose during the pregnancy and to help keep the issues down, Williatte changed the way she ate. She started juicing and drinking smoothies as meals.  It was during that time, the visions of Juice Café started flowing. At the beginning of 2016, they decided to open the smoothie bar to help bring healthy options to Statesboro. 



Your body is full of pollutants and toxins from the air and the food you eat and the water you drink. Cleansing your body of all the harmful and unhealthy things is a vital part of healthy living. We offer 3 different options for cleanses, a 3 day, 5 day or a 7 day. You will get 5 juices for each day you choose. 3 of those juices are our Green juices and you get to choose the other 2 that you will drink. Each option is a start or a continuation of a healthy life. 



Are all your juices and smoothies 100% fruit?

Juice Cafe prides themselves on only using fresh fruit and veggies in all of our products. 

What is cold-pressed and why is it so important?

 Juice Cafe only offers Cold-pressed juice. When using a cold-press, there is no heat produced so the fruits & veggies can maintain their freshness and all the vitamins and minerals that come with them. 

What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice?

 Juicing separates the juice from the pulp. Blending keeps everything intact. Juicing is easier for the body to digest since the fiber is removed. Juicing floods the body with more nutrients than a smoothie. Smoothies on the other hand will keep you fuller but provide less nutrients and more fiber. Either way, they are both great for the body!


 Cleanse and a Detox are majority the same thing. They're typically used interchangeably and have the same basic goals which is to remove "harmful" things from your body. There are times when they are aimed to target a specific organ like the liver or colon

Will I lose weight on a cleanse?

Yes, you will lose weight on a cleanse. Cleansing is not a viable way to keep the weight off. Juicing is great for weight maintenance but do not depend on a cleanse to take the pounds off and keep them off. Its a way of hitting the reset button on your body. If you're ready to kick start a healthy lifestyle, have hit a plateau, or need to refresh the body, Cleansing is a great way to do it. 

How often can I cleanse?

This is a personal decision that should be discussed with a health care professional. However, we advocated that consuming fresh-pressed drinks on a regular basis will support your system. Detoxing seasonally is recommended.

Should I do a 3-day or 5-day cleanse?

Cleansing longer is a deeper more intense experience than cleansing for a shorter period. You cleanse based upon your needs and your goals.

What if I am breastfeeding or pregnant?

Our cleanse programs are designed for all healthy people; however, there are certain individuals who should not partake. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not restrict your diet to just liquids, as you need extra calories and nutrients in your diet. Consult your health care professional to see if our drinks are right for you.

I'm Experiencing Headaches during my cleanse, what can i do?

Within the first few days, its very common to experience headaches. It may stem from lack of caffeine, or the effects of ridding toxins, and lack of solid food. Your body will overcome this, but please feel free to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, BUT be careful with Excedrin as it contains caffeine. If you're not a fan of medication, try another juice, moderate exercise or getting some extra shut eye. 


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